I can barely fit through the doorway
Hello there lost soul! It looks like your adventure has led you to my little blog. Oh how I pity you. But hey, if you're willing to stick around for a while, I do a lot of cool analyses and write some decent stories. Maybe you'd like to check them out! And while you're at it, maybe drop something in my ask? Maybe we could talk and you could convince me not to enslave you when I become ruler of the world. Oh, and if this weirdo called http://purpl3pickl3babbl3s.tumblr.com is trying to contact you, that me too (that's right, I'm everywhere....................) Anyways, that's basically it to survive around me... HAVE FUN EXPLORING!
Ʋи∂ɛиιαвℓʏ Ғяσʓɛи
A picture of sophisticated grace

"Ice is my life."