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A breif analysis on the Kristanna relationship from Anna’s point of view: Case and Point Obliviousness.

I have noticed that me, as well as a lot of people in this fandom only pay attention to Kristoff’s actions in the Kristanna relationship and less Anna. It makes sense because we watch Kristoff clearly fall in love with her throughout the movie. However, as I was looking at the gifs I had collected, I realise Anna has a lot of contribution to the blossom of the relationship. Now let’s get started!

Anna is oblivious. Yes, this is the point I want to show today. In the beginning, she thinks that she is going to find a perfect prince charming in the most perfect way and they will get married and makes lots and lots of babies. So obviously, when she meets Kristoff, she doesn’t even think of romance, especially with the goal of seeing her sister. Then while Kristoff is falling in love with her, she remains completely obivious to his feelings.

Now I also have a misconception that I do not agree with. ANNA ISN’T HESISTATING BEWEEN HANS AND KRISTOFF. After the sleigh ride with Kristoff, I don’t think Anna even thinks of Hans. EVER. Not until she is Frozen and Kristoff tells her he has to bring her back to Hans. This is why, as you see in the gif above, she scrunches her eyebrows in confusion when Hans is mentionned. Right. Her Fiance. He exists.

Does that mean that Anna is not Falling for Kristoff? No. Since it’s not in the way that she expected it to be, she doesn’t really understand that she is falling in love. Case and point, the scene with Olaf. Anna is obviously confused. But as she thinks about it, it actually makes sence. She knows Hans is not a real love, and understands that maybe you don’t realise when you fall in love. She realises that what she was feeling towards Kristoff was love. So she doesn’t fall in love brutally, she just doesn’t understand that what she is feeling is love.

Because when we really think about it, Anna is kind of clueless when it comes to love.