This Button Wants to Fly
❄Wait, Buttons can't fly, that doesn't make any sense❄

"Now what?"

So I was watching the movie a few days ago, and I saw something in this scene that not a lot of people have talked about. So I requested this gifset, not exactly sure what I was looking for because I had only noted down “Way Kristoff looks at Anna ranting about Arendalle.” But when sorryblondie made me this gifset, I remembered axactly what I was looking for.

In the first gif, Anna is freaking out. Arendalle is still frozen, and her sister is no where close to trying to thaw it. She didn’t do her job. She failed. And Anna being Anna starts freaking out about it and rambling. And what does Kristoff do? Instead of rolling his eyes as he had done for most of her rambling so far, his eyes widen and he tries to reach her with her arm. He just looks so worried about her and wants to try and comfort her. He wants to tell her that it’s not her fault and everything is going to be okay. But I don’t think he realises it yet. I think it’s just an instinct. Which is why he pulls away so quickly.

Now onto the second gif (and my personal favorite). Throughout the movie we see Kristoff falling in love with Anna, but we neglect this very important part. As he watches her freak out, he softens up. At this point, we have barely seen Kristoff ever soften up to a human being. In this scene, his theory that humans are all bad goes out the window. After being a little worried about her, a smile starts to creep up onto his face. He’s getting lost in her words. He’s starting to stare at her dreamily probably thinking about how selfless she is, and how unecessary all of her worrying is. That look is look of love.

Finally, in the third gif, she starts worrying about his ice business. Kristoff has been obsessed with his ice business ever sinse he was a little kid. And became even more obsessed after he realises he may go out of business. But he tells her not to worry, because after all the stuff she has to deal with, he doesn’t want to be in her way. Maybe his ice business wasn’t the most important thing to him after all.

That’s the thing about this couple. They are both so selfless towards eachother, I don’t think they ever even think about themselves first. Their first priority is eachother.

Beautiful gifs by sorryblondie one of the most talented giffers I know <3