This Button Wants to Fly
❄Wait, Buttons can't fly, that doesn't make any sense❄

"Make sure she’s safe."

Now to most people, this is probably a really cute scene. Like “oh look at that’s so cute look at him he’s so caring and nervous and wow that’s adorable”. Nopedynopenopenope. This is actually a tragic scene, no matter how adorable it looks. Because we finally see one of Kristoff’s main characteristics throughout the movie.

He’s not enough.

He’s not enough to stay with Anna because he’s just a commoner and she’s a princess.

He’s not enough to save her because she has a fiance at the castle who is waiting for her and he’s probably perfect and he’s going to save everything.

And he’s not enough to just warm her up because he has barely communicated with a human before her so he uses a fire instead.

Throughout the whole movie, Kristoff backs away from Anna because he thinks she doesn’t need him. He thinks that there is always going to be someone better. He’s lived his life all alone because he thought that humans didn’t need him, didn’t want him.

That is until he sees that blizzard because even if she doesn’t need him, he definitely needs her.